Eric Adams will create a session celebrating your individuality.

Individuality Sessions are of an individual three years or older.

These sessions do not include groups of individuals. 

My goal to beautify you in a truly authentic session.

Eric will be your photographer.

I am a fourth generation photographer and the founder of FotoFly.    Over the past 27 years, I have developed the ability to build a connection with you quickly.  This helps you feel comfortable and the camera 'disappears.'  Authentic portraits are born from authentic connection and trust between photographer and subject.  I believe that everyone is beautiful and it's my job to make sure that your unique beauty is obvious in your portrait.

What is different?


After you schedule your appointment, I will contact you to learn about who I am photographing and give some advice about how to make the most of our session.  We'll discuss what you want and also talk clothing.  What you wear will impact the feel and impact of the session.