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Finding Who I Am, Twice.

Alright let's get the introduction out of the way so we can get to the real reason you are here.

My name is Kenny Coverstone and I'm a lot of things but the most important thing to me is being a dad. I have two daughters, one who is almost 3 (Marley) and a 4-month-old (Everly).

I've been married for six and a half years to my amazing wife Katie.

Six months into marriage I took a huge risk. I quit my job as a security guard and went after becoming a professional photographer. After eating, sleeping, and breathing photography for six years I realized it was time for a change. My love of photography hadn't changed, the love for my job hadn't changed, and the love for the people I worked with hadn't changed.

So what did?

I got a sweet job offer to run the social media for another company. It came with a standard 9-5 schedule and health insurance. What wasn't there to love?! There was a pretty steep learning curve ahead of me but if there is one thing I enjoy, it's a challenge. The first month was awesome. I would get to work and it was so nice to sit at a desk all day instead of chasing 2-year-olds around. It was nice to be off at five every day. It was nice, although weird, to have every Saturday off. All in all, I was pretty happy.

Fast forward about 4 months and something had changed. I went to work and realized I didn't like sitting at a desk all day. I missed chasing those two-year-olds around. I missed all the amazing kids and families I was able to meet on a daily basis. I wasn't taking photos anymore. It's like a part of me had just been erased. My wife often jokes that if I'm not taking pictures, I am thinking about taking pictures. Pair that with the fact that I missed FotoFly, I knew something had to change.

So I came back and I am so happy I did!

One thing I learned at my last job was I really enjoy writing, as long as my wife gets to proofread. Apparently I am comma happy. Along with writing I love to teach. So I had this crazy idea to start writing a weekly blog on all the things I know and love.

- Photography

- Being a parent

That list seemed more impressive in my head. But rest assured that there are a lot of sub-topics I plan on talking about. I also want you to be involved so if you have any questions don't hesitate to email me (kenny@fotofly.com) or comment your questions on the blogs and I will do my best to answer them.

Keep your eyes posted for next weeks blog. I will be talking about parenting, and all the ways we screw up.

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