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Utah YURU for a New Price!

We've been spending a lot of time in Utah. Why wouldn't we choose Salt Lake City over La Jolla?? Being in the snow is much more character-building than the cozy 65º of Southern California. Other advantages of being in Utah:

  • Snow shoveling is a great aerobic workout.

  • I own a wide variety of scarfs.

  • No beautiful, blooming flowers = no bees. 🐝

The advantage for you is that I'm offering YURU sessions here.

What are YURU sessions?

YURU sessions are for folks older than 65. The concept is that we are memorializing the wisdom, advice, humor, stories, voice and image of those who have been on the Earth for a while.

The YURU session involves two elements:

  1. Video Interview. We have a list of questions the initiate meaningful answers. This list will be customized for you. Marci and I are conducting the interviews. I will personally edit the video to ensure the spirit of the interview is captured. Here's an example of an answer:

  1. Portrait Session. Based on what we learn about your character and personality during the interview, we'll develop a session plan designed to create beautiful, authentic portraits.

I am your photographer.

I'm very good at creating portraits where you feel the person's presence when looking at the image. It's a skill that I've developed over 25 years of being a portrait photographer. I love truly connecting with people and helping them feel comfortable enough to be vulnerable - which is needed to see our real selves in am image. Creating YURU portraits has become the pinnacle of my career.

YURU helps fulfill the purpose of art.

Humans have been trying to represent life through art for a very long time - beginning with drawing on cave walls. By combining video and portraits for the purpose of illustrating someone's life, we're accomplishing something that other artists have been attempting:

  • Painters have painted portraits.

  • Writers have written biographies.

  • Sculptors have carved sculptures.

  • Musicians have created melodies.

What is photography for?

There are many reasons why photography benefits us as humans. I say that YURU is the ultimate purpose of photography. YURU is preserving life. YURU is strengthening families. To know and feel connected to previous generations help uplift and propel ourselves and our children. Every generation doesn't have to start over building wisdom. It can be cumulative.

Our new price for Utah.

If there is any place that should be interested in YURU, it's Utah. We want to make this more affordable for more of you. We're charging $750 for the HD video and the portrait session. Unlike FotoFly, we are not including all of the electronic images. You'll be able to buy prints from me. These images need to be on a wall, not a hard drive.

Regret is a little tricky...

Regret is tough to live with. I've got a bunch of regret and it's a type of pain that doesn't get better with time. As we've explained the concept of YURU, I almost always hear a message of regret: "I wish I had this for ___________."

I recently did a YURU session for my mother and father. It was the first time I had EVER photographed them. It was the first time I had asked them the questions in the interview. The YURU process truly helped me see them in a different light. Of course, I think everyone should do it. Appointments are limited - reserve a session time by paying a $50 deposit.


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