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55 Exchange Place
Salt Lake City, UT  84102
$125 for all images
Indoor & Outdoor studio
20 person maximum limit

Being in the heart of Salt Lake City allows us to create any style of image.  From formal and fancy to rugged and rebellious.  Our City location is truly the largest studio in Utah.  Within walking distance, you'll see graffiti, grass & trees, doric pillars, bronze doors, alleyways, aged brick and sleek modern architecture.  The variety is limitless.

In addition to the city, we have a studio WHITESPACE.  Think of it as a blank canvas.  With white walls and floors, we focus only on beautifying you.  We have some very cool furniture but these images will always be about your unique personality and relationships.

A big reason why we believed in a City studio is that we are proud of our capital.  We think that documenting your history involves showing when and where you're from.