We believe that those people over 65 truly are the greatest generation. They have lifetimes' stories and experiences to share with us. They have wisdom and advice that we need to hear.  

Too often, this experience and wisdom isn't captured.  We are on a mission to change this.

YURU is a combination of video and photography to capture the wonderful stories, counsel, voice and image of those 65 and older.

We've found that the experience of listening to parents' and grandparents' voices and seeing their unique expressions as they share their memories and values can be life-changing for those who hear it.  

Children, who were already close to their parents, suddenly become even more close as they connect with their parents in a way that they haven't before.  It alters relationships.  This happened to me as I went through this process with my own parents.  Some pictures from their session are here.


The YURU video is customized for you.  You choose the questions that we ask.

Each interview lasts about an hour.  We will professionally edit the video.  Eric edits his own video to ensure that the essence of the person and interview is accurately captured.  

YURU videos are important.  Every aging person should have one. These videos will connect generations and ensure that the lessons learned by one generation is passed on to the next.

This channel is coming soon!


After the video interview, we will create some portraits.  This is a session where we are attempting to create a few portraits that perfectly capture your parent's inner and outer beauty.

I have the ability to envision images that match what I've learned during the video interview.  I'm good at making everyone feel comfortable with being vulnerable to show their real selves.

These are individual or couple portraits.  We aren't photographing families.  (FotoFly is amazing at that)

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Of course, we believe that YURU is priceless...  Having said that, we want to make this as affordable as possible to every family.  

The time it takes us to produce a video and portraits is substantial.  

The current price for the Utah YURU experience is $750.  For that price, you'll receive the video and Eric will create your portraits. You'll buy portrait prints from us.  


To reserve an interview time and get the get the process started, select a time below and pay a $50 deposit.

After we receive your deposit, we will contact you to begin the process of interviewing and photographing your parents.

55 Exchange Place

Salt Lake City, UT 84111