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I went to the Kaysville location for the first time with 4 kids 7 and under. We had the best photographer Maytlin!!! She was a rockstar with my kids and had them laughing and so cute. She had so much patience and did the cutest poses with them. I have gotten my kids pictures taken since they were born, and I can honestly say she was one of the best photographers we have ever had. We will be going back and I hope that she will be there forever ;)! What a fun postitive experience... how often do you hear that with this many young kids?

Stephanie Beckam

You could call me photo obsessed and will do anything for FABULOUS pictures. When I found FotoFly it made me so happy and not only my walls happy but my husbands wallet happy too. We have had two immediate family photo sessions, one session with all my siblings, parents and grandkids & of course you know you are FotoFly obsessed when Santa pictures make it to the Christmas card! We love how fast we get pictures after the session, the way all the backdrops fit seamlessly for our home decor & captures us perfectly. We love the photographers and how they make getting pictures of a 2 year old like it's a piece of cake! Can I rate you higher than a 5??? #lovefotofly

Maggie Nelson

We have been going to Fotofly for the last 4 years!! I have nothing bad to say about this place. We recently tried Fotofly Away, and it was seriously amazing!! I love how the photographers work hard to get a great shot. I have three hyper kids, and I'm always amazed at the shots they get. My favorite part is getting the photos back the same day!!! :D I'm a very impatient person. ha ha

Melissa Lewis

I wanted to let you know how much my family enjoyed our recent FotoFly experience. The pictures were PHENOMENAL! Sally (Chicken Nugget) Taylor is fantastic. She was able to get all four of my extremely-averse-to-looking-at-the-camera boys (ages 6-0) to actually look into the camera - and they were all smiling! Go to her if you need pictures of your kids!

With COVID-19 on the prowl, we were somewhat apprehensive to step out of our home to get pictures taken, but the precautions that were taken by FotoFly allayed our fears. They wore masks, washed hands (multiple times), and maintained comfortable distance.

Muchos thanks for your great care and work.
Clint L.

Clint L.

I love fotofly. I first discovered it when researching a place to get my little girls newborn pictures taken over 3 years ago. I now go for each of my kids birthday pictures, family pictures, Halloween and Santa pictures. I love the price and that I get a digital copy of all the pics. I get so many compliments on my pictures and would highly recommend.

Joanna Moss

Every time I've been to fotofly I have had the best experience! They always capture my kids best smiles and candid shots and I just love every single picture I've ever had done there! I am so glad that they now have one in Davis County! I am expecting a baby in May and can't wait to get new family pictures there this summer! I never buy school pictures anymore because fotofly takes the time to get individuals of all my kids and they always turn out a thousand times better!

Kayci Christensen

I've been using FotoFly for about 5 years now and have always been thrilled with the results. Everyone is friendly and they really care that you are getting the best photos possible. I love all the different background options too!

Amanda Burton

We've done our family pictures each year with Fotofly for the last few years and we LOVE them! I have always appreciated their talent, their timing, their services and it's almost instant gratification.

Kate Torman

PS This year we were scheduled to get family pictures done and my six year old ended up with a black eye days before the shoot. They cancelled my appointment with no questions or complaints. The customer service has been great every time I've worked with them.

Laura Bloomfield

It's hard to find a great photographer who can deliver great pictures every time, but FotoFly has managed to do it. We've been coming to FotoFly since they opened for annual family pictures despite the fact that we don't live in Utah, and they always deliver! We're always happy with their pictures and they always manage to capture the personalities of each of our kids.

Stephanie Ledesma

We've had our family pictures taken at Fotofly the last two years and have been so happy with the outcome each time! The personalities of my kids have been captured so perfectly - whether it's my silly and giggly preschooler or the more serious and observant older sibling. Even crying babies haven't phased our photographers - they keep working to either help them smile or let baby take a break for a spell. Fotofly is adaptable and compatible with all ages, styles, and pocketbooks. And everyone who sees our family pics wants to know where we went - and I recommend Fotofly to each and every one of my friends.

Marci Preece

I've had several great experiences with Fotofly, Fotofly Santa and Fotofly Away. Always very professional, positive and helpful when helping the get the best shots. Their photo editing afterwards is top-notch andI am always thrilled with the results they get, even when I don't think the shoot went as well as I'd hoped. I have two crazy boys and 1 with special needs and it's hard to get any quality pictures of them. Fotofly is always the best and I've never been disappointed! Highly recommend!!! 5 Stars.

Noel Taylor

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