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Our price is simple and affordable.

We have a single, affordable price for your images.  It's very easy to understand.  There aren't any hidden fees or extra charges. You won't pay extra for having too many children. 


Receive all of your electronic images.

While we always encourage printing and have made it easy to do so, we understand that you want the flexibility of having your electronic images to share, make picture books, etc.  We give you a copyright release which gives you permission to use the images however you want.

Our photographers are well trained.

Every one of our photographers has to successfully complete a rigorous, comprehensive interview and training process.  A small percentage of those who begin training actually finish.  Once the training is complete, they begin a process of becoming a photographer through a four-step process of shadowing, assisting, being assisted then being shadowed.  The complete program takes months.  Rest assured that your photographer has earned the right to hold a camera.

Harwood, Lexie 8-5-20-1.jpg

We can control children.

We have a magical talent at FotoFly:  we can control small children.  While many photographers are good at chasing your child around with a camera, we are able to influence your child to do exactly what we want.  Our technique is unique and takes months to master.  As strange as it sounds, it's the 'secret sauce' that makes FotoFly the best children's photographer in Utah.

We see what you love.

One quality that can make a photographer truly great is the gift of empathy.  If a photographer can place his/herself in your shoes and wants the pictures to be good as much as you do, that photographer will always work harder during your session to create something amazing.  If your photographer can see what makes your relationships with your children, your family portraits become more beautiful.

The entire process is easy.

Bigelow, Lindsey 2020-02-27-35_websize.j

Many parents (ahem, husbands) dread the photographic process.  With other studios, it can take hours.  Mothers valiantly press forward while her children and spouse become less patient and more ornery.  At FotoFly, the process is easy so that you can leave immediately after your session!  You can view and download the images from the comfort of your home later that day!

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